Pair Of Kings Pair Of Jokers

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‘Pair of Kings’ Pair of Jokers (TV Episode 2010) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.

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Pair Of Kings — Pair Of Jokers — Part 1. Pair of Kings (TV Series) Pair of Jokers (2010) Company Credits. Showing all 4 company credits. Other Companies. Benay’s Bird & Animal Source (animal provider). A “full house” consists of three of a kind plus a pair. The hand above is called “kings full of tens” because the player has three kings and two tens. The rank of the card in the three-of-a-kind is decisive, so K♣ K♥ K♠ 10♣ 10♠ beats 10♣ 10♥ 10♠ K♣ K♠. In poker jargon, a full house is also known as a “boat”.

Pair Of Kings Pair Of Jokers — Youtube

This page provides what I believe to be the absolute best strategy for playing Joker Wild video poker. By using the strategy listed on this page you can achieve a payout percentage of 100.64% at a full pay Joker Wild game. Make sure to remember that this strategy was devised for full pay Joker Wild games, which use the following pay table:

Hand:Payout:Natural Royal Flush800Five of a Kind200Wild Royal Flush100Straight Flush50Four of a Kind20Full House7Flush5Straight3Three of a Kind2Two Pair1Pair (Kings or Better)1

The pay table above assumes that you’re betting five coins per hand. If you bet less than five coins per hand the natural royal flush will pay out less, and your return will go down. Also, if you’re playing a different Joker Wild pay table this strategy will be good, but not perfect.

Pair of kings pair of jokers dailymotion
Pair of kings pair of jokers dailymotion

Expert Joker Wild Strategy

  1. Choose the proper chart depending on if you have 0 Jokers or 1 Joker
  2. Start at the top of the chart and work down.
  3. When you see a hand that matches up with yours, follow that strategy.

Example: Imagine you have Ac-Kc-Kh-8c-2c. In this case, you’d match up with a few rows on the table below. Your hand would qualify for a high pair of Kings, an AK suited with one penalty (the other King is a penalty card), and four to a flush. However, on the table you’ll notice that a pair of Kings is higher than AK suited or a four flush, so you should keep the Kings and ditch the other three cards.

Strategy for Hands with No Joker

HandExpected ReturnExamplePat Royal Flush800.0000Th-Jh-Qh-Kh-AhPat Straight Flush50.00006h-7h-8h-9h-ThFour of a Kind23.75006c-6s-6d-6h-9sRoyal Flush Draw19.8958Th-Jh-Qh-Kh-4hPat Full House7.0000Ac-Ad-As-Js-JcPat Flush5.0000Ac-Jc-6c-5c-4cOpen Straight Flush Draw4.16674c-5c-6c-7c-ThThree of a Kind3.93628c-8s-8d-9h-3dInside Straight Flush Draw3.1042Qs-Js-9s-8s-4cPat Straight3.00004c-5s-6h-7h-8hTwo Pair1.62503c-3s-4d-4h-AcQ-J-T suited1.4424Qh-Jh-Th-4d-3dK-Q-Js, K-Q-Ts, K-J-Ts (w/ no Flush penalty*)1.4379Kc-Qc-Jc-8s-5sHigh Pair (Jacks or Better)1.5405Ac-Ad-Js-8c-5hThree to a Royal, A+K (w/ no St. or Fl. penalty*)1.4113Ac-Kc-Tc-Ts-5hPair of Aces or Kings1.3997Ac-As-8s-5h-2hThree to a Royal, A+K (w/ 1 St. or Fl. penalty*)1.3989Ac-Kc-Tc-Js-5hK-Q-Js, K-Q-Ts, K-J-Ts (w/ 1 Flush penalty*)1.3945Kc-Qc-Jc-8c-5sThree to a Royal, Ace High, no King1.3005Ac-Qc-Tc-5h-4hFour to a Flush1.0417Kh-8h-6h-3h-2sThree to a Straight Flush, Open, No St. Penalty0.73584c-5c-6c-Th-9hLow Pair (Twos through Queens)0.73143c-3s-7h-9h-Jc3 to a St. Flush, Open (w/ 1 or 2 St. Penalties*)0.72253c-4c-5c-7s-8dK-Q-J-T0.6250Kc-Qs-Jc-Ts-2h3 to a St. Flush, One Gap0.60204h-5h-7h-9c-Tc3 to a St. Flush, 2 Gaps, 1 High Card0.60118h-Th-Qh-9c-2sA-K suited0.5700Ac-Kc-9s-6s-2dFour to a Straight, Open, 2345–9TJQ0.56252c-3s-4c-5d-8sThree to a St. Flush, 2 Gaps, 0 High Cards0.48764c-6c-8c-9s-JsK-Qs, K-Js, K-Ts0.4694Kc-Qc-8s-6s-4hA-K offsuit0.4506Ac-Ks-9h-6h-3sA-Qs, A-Js, A-Ts (w/ no flush penalty*)0.4472Ac-Qs-8s-5s-2hAce or King0.4469Ac-9s-7h-4s-2dJ-T suited0.3560Jc-Tc-7s-5h-2dQ-J suited, Q-T suited0.3448Ac-Jc-7s-5h-2dTwo to a Straight Flush, Open, (w/ no penalty*)0.33245c-6c-Ts-2d-JdEverything Else » Draw Five New Cards0.359810s-8c-6d-4s-2h

Strategy for Hands with One Joker

HandExpected ReturnExamplePat Five of a Kind200.0000Tc-Td-Th-Ts-WPat Joker Royal100.0000Tc-Jc-Qc-Kc-WPat Straight Flush50.00006c-7c-8c-9c-WFour of a Kind23.75004c-4s-4d-W-JcPat Full House7.0000Ac-Ad-As-Js-WFour to a Joker Royal6.1458Tc-Jc-Qc-W-2dFour to a Straight Flush, Open, W345s-W9TJs5.93754c-5c-6c-W-JsPat Flush5.0000Ac-Jc-6c-5c-WFour to a Straight Flush, One Gap4.81255c-W-8c-9c-JsFour to a Straight Flush, 2 Gaps, 1 Hi Card4.1042Jc-9c-7c-W-3hThree of a Kind3.93628c-8s-W-9h-3dFour to a Straight Flush, 2 Gaps, 0 Hi Cards3.7292Tc-8c-6c-W-2hPat Straight3.00004c-5s-6h-7h-WThree to a Royal, King High2.0505Kc-Qc-W-2h-4cFour to a Flush, One or Two High Cards2.0208Jc-8c-6c-W-2sThree to a Royal, Jack High1.9317Jc-Tc-W-6h-2hThree to a Royal, Ace High1.9176Ac-Jc-W-8s-2hThree to a St. Flush, Open, W45s-W9Ts1.8670W-5c-6c-9s-JdThree to a St. Flush, 3 Gaps, 1 Hi Card1.8059Jc-7c-W-4s-2dThree to a Royal, Queen High1.7934Qc-Tc-W-8s-2h3 to a St. Flush, 1 Gap, 6-T Hi (w/ no penalty*)1.7287Tc-8c-W-7s-2sJoker and Ace (w/ no Flush penalty*)1.7148Ac-W-9s-6d-2hJoker and King (w/ no Flush penalty*)1.7050Kc-W-9s-6d-2hJoker and Ace (w/ One Flush penalty*)1.7021Ac-W-9s-6d-2c3 to a St. Flush, 1 Gap, 6-T Hi (w/ 1 penalty*)1.6989Tc-8c-W-4c-2sJoker and K-Q-J, K-Q-T, K-J-T1.6875Kc-Qs-Jd-W-2hJoker and King (w/ One Flush penalty*)1.6839Kc-W-8d-6s-2cThree to a St. Flush, 1 Gap, 4, 5, or Jack High1.68095c-3c-W-8s-9d3 to a St. Flush, 2 Gaps, 6-J Hi (w/ no penalty*)1.5541Tc-7c-W-4h-2sFour to a Flush, no High Cards1.5417Qc-7c-2c-W-8s3 to a St. Flush, 2 Gaps, 6-J Hi (w/ St. penalty*)1.5328Tc-7c-W-8s-2sJoker + 23s, 24s, 25s, Q9s1.52752c-3c-W-8s-JdFour to a Straight, Open, 6-T High1.5208Tc-9s-7d-W-4cJoker + 6/7/8 (w/ least penalty*)1.49528c-W-4d-2h-QdJoker + Ten (w/ no penalty*)1.4932Tc-W-5s-3d-2hJoker + 5/9 (w/ no penalty*)1.49269c-W-4s-3d-2hJoker + Ten (w/ one penalty*)1.4720Tc-W-Js-4h-2dJoker + 5/9 (w/ one penalty*)1.46959c-W-5s-3d-2hJoker + 9-T-J1.4583Jc-Ts-9d-W-4hJoker + Ten (w/ two or more penalties*)1.4514Tc-W-Js-7d-2hJoker + 5/9 (w/ two or more penalties*)1.44739c-W-5s-3c-2hJoker + Jack (four different suits)1.4369Jc-W-6d-3s-2hEverything Else » Keep Joker and Draw Four1.4360W-6c-7d-2h-3s

Pair Of Kings Pair Of Jokers Part 1

Pair Of Kings Pair Of Jokers Dailymotion

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